Gravity driven membrane filtration technology treats turbid surface water in one step for both schools and communities in Uganda. Four GDM systems were constructed in the schools of Busime, Bulwande, Lugala and Bulundira, located in Busia and Namayingo Districts in Eastern Uganda to treat water from Lake Victoria. The water kiosks supply safe drinking water to about 2000 school children, as well as to the communities living in the catchment area of the schools hence reducing the distances moved by women and girls to look for clean and safe water for drinking. The technology has also led to a reduction of water borne diseases among the communities living around the water kiosks. The main advantages of the GDM technology are: GDM treats highly turbid water without the need for pre-treatment, no electricity is required at the treatment site, and only very limited operation & maintenance work is required. A prepaid system is used in generating enough revenues to pay for recurring expenses for operation and maintenance to assure a high service level and keep the water treatment system operational thereby achieving a sustainable system operation.