The Rain workers program

Get Water Uganda in partnership with The Rain Workers, an Austrian Based Organization is spreading knowledge to empower girls and women - and through them – their families – to reduce poverty and increase educational opportunities. We believe in Women Empowerment through Education. Knowledge enables making informed decisions regarding sexual behavior, family planning and on contraception and genital health.

The Rain Workers, Austria and Get Water Uganda selected and trained 16 community members called “RAIN WORKERS” through the educational program "Knowledge as a Chance" and serve their community. Low-threshold, easy to understand, in the local language, with knowledge of traditions, they spread knowledge among those who do not have access to education on family planning and sexual reproductive health and rights. RAIN WORKERS conduct their "Health Talks" in educational centers, recreational youth centers, women's and men's groups, organized communities among decision makers and in places of public life.

a. Transmit important knowledge to old and young, women and men: they explain in the local language and with knowledge of the traditions about planned pregnancies and family planning and how to maintain one's own sexual health. They inform about contraceptive methods, the risks of too early and too many pregnancies and of genital mutilation. They lead people to understand why family planning is important before explaining how it works. RAIN WORKERS motivate healthy and sustainable social change.

b. Discuss family planning concepts with the old and young, men and women! Family planning means life planning: in the first place for the woman, who experiences motherhood most intensively in her own body from conception, through birth, breastfeeding and the entire "care time". In second place for the child, who should be welcomed, nourished, cared for, loved, and provided with educational opportunities. Lastly, family planning concerns the entire family - the partnership as well as the existing members - so that all are well. How much strength, love, resources are available.

c. Offer sexual health awareness and rights education: Everyone has the right to know about their body, maintaining sexual health and genital functions, and the effects of fertility. RAIN WORKERS disseminate this complex knowledge in the local language, in a culturally sensitive way that is easy to understand - even for people who are less educated. They go to villages, schools & universities, health facilities and speak to youth and adults in communities.

d. Strengthening Women: Allowing women to have more participation in socio-political and economic life, and by means of their knowledge and get support from their partners and society. Empowered to make decisions and obtain self-determined including whether and how many children they want to have. The RAIN WORKERS make knowledge “rain” every day in the communities where they live.

Since October 2023 to March 2024, RAIN WORKERS have conducted a total of 212 outreach sessions, transmitting educational information to 2,294 people (1,381 females, 492 males and 421 school students).

Due to the enormous need for the Rain Worker Program in Eastern Uganda, Get Water Uganda and The Rain Workers, Austria intend to extend the program to other Eastern Uganda districts, offer training to more RAIN WORKERS and reach out to more thousands of people in traditionally accepted and innovative ways.